Rattling Windows and Boogey Men


We all experience boogey men in the dark.  Nighttime is when all the fears of the day start weighing in…

Back in the day, when I was a kid, the United States was looked upon as a world peacekeeper… the cold war standoff and consequent world peace was, in large part, believed to be caused by the sheer power and prowess of the U.S.  Nobody wanted to pick on somebody that was tougher and more powerful than they… even the bullies.

I grew up in the Cold War… with atomic bomb drills… the ones where you hid under the desk if an atom bomb exploded. Somehow, that magic desk would prevent the mother of all destruction to keep you safe, protect you from the blast, heat, and flying debris.  Nobody discussed the reality of an atomic event, the immediate destruction and the devastation from the effects of radiation fallout.  Maybe they didn’t really know.  Now that I have seen some of the film footage and heard the truth of the impact, how silly and naïve we were back then…

Anyway… Broken Arrow drills were another experience growing up on an Air Force base.  That’s a drill they called to practice responding to a lost atomic or nuclear weapon.  The whole base would shut down, no civilians could go anywhere… a pretty scary thought for a young boy… that somebody could steal a nuclear weapon and get away with it.  If that happened, where would they set it off?  Would it be around where I live…  Is this one real or just a drill?

My Boogey men surfaced sometimes at night… I would fall asleep thinking about lost nuclear weapons, thinking about being under the desk when one exploded… what would happen?  The Russians, the bad guys, would they do it?  In the twilight of sleep… slipping from consciousness… my windows would start rattling… a soothing sound of jet engines being revved… remembering, I’m in the United States, the biggest, toughest country out there… a feeling of calm, security… rattling windows… peaceful sleep. It was only later in life that I truly understood and realized that the true source of security is only in Jesus Christ.

Worldly power brings peace and calm… or at least some assurances… but real power… the power of God… brings absolute assurance, true peace and perfect calmness.

Hold onto your true source of power… God our creator, redeemer and conqueror.
What is robbing you of the true peace found in God?