37 Different Schools

Installation On National Mall Highlights Crisis Of U.S. EducationFirst of all, I have to preface these comments with the fact that I have a personality that drives me to try to do everything perfect, follow all of the rules… as good as humanly possible.  Some people have called it being anal, tight, stiff, inflexible… on and on.  Well, that’s who I am and it’s a good thing there are some of us out there to keep the others from crashing and burning! 🙂 Being the way I am, I have been accused of over thinking things.  Let me give you some insight into my mind.

Have you ever been in a situation… social or business… that you just didn’t know what was expected… or maybe you hadn’t been clued in on the unspoken rules.  Like the time I showed up wearing business casual and everybody else had ties.  How about the time that the presenter asked a rhetorical question that I just had to answer?  Another good one…you are out at dinner with some customers and the waiter asks you first what you would like to drink… mind asks, are others likely to drink alcohol or will they take a dim view of that… if I don’t order a cocktail, will they think I’m a teetotaler and be uncomfortable…   I go ahead and order one because logically it is the best choice and … no one else does.  Now what do I do?  Drink it or let it sit…

You may know the feeling, your gut kind of twists up, you look for a way to just melt into the background, your mind is going “Turn around! Shut up!  Stop talking! Go home! Danger!” or something to that effect, but you just keep going.

Maybe nobody else analyzes these things like I do.  Sometimes, I would like to shut off the analysis but there it is… if I say let’s go out to dinner and she says OK and I say where would you like to go and she says I don’t care… what if I pick the wrong spot, does she like that restaurant or is she just saying it?  Brain freeze, wishy washy…

What’s the deal with the different dress codes?  … casual, business casual, resort casual, business, business formal, black tie…  I used to constantly wonder what was correct but now it’s their problem.

At one place I worked we had a saying… “I’ve been to 37 different schools, I just need to know the one I’m in.”  That’s all I want.  Let me know what school I’m in and I’ll be a happy camper and play by the rules.  Hopefully… fewer brain freezes and a simpler life.

 The Word… Jesus… teaches us about the real “school” of life we’re in. His kingdom…the one marked by love, forgiveness, joy, peace and true living.

Ask if you don’t know what school you’re in and let others know what school they’re in. 
What do you want to know about life… real living? Who can you ask?