Avatar, Genghis Khan and the Museum of Natural History

AvatarOur world is such a beautiful creation. Every time I see the snow capped mountains, hear the rush of wind through pine trees… see a squirrel, cheeks full, going about living… I think of God our creator.

More and more though, I hear and see people wanting to be God or be a piece of him. On a weekend quite a few years ago, Sara and I went to Denver for a short getaway. The new 3D movie, Avatar, had opened so we decided to go. What an amazing work of art! Beautiful colors, animation, and the 3D effects were breathtaking. However, one of the last scenes disturbed me to the core… it had the people connected into the earth and the tree of life to tap into their combined power and energy to save the planet. It was a very powerful scene but it made me wonder what the message was… We also decided to go the Museum of Natural History to see the Genghis Khan exhibit… more things to think about… a culture that depended on their own to conquer nature and people… ruthlessly, all the while performing religious rites trying to appease and gain favor from the gods. Much more to ponder at the dinosaur exhibit… The placards at the exhibit stated conjecture and theories as facts… even admitting that there were missing links and missing data to support the statements… people trying to know everything and to not admit that there are things that just can’t be explained or controlled.

As I ponder that day, I began to understand how we all get caught up in wanting to be God… to be significant… to know everything… to take full responsibility for everything because we can handle it in our great wisdom and experience… to create our own world and things… to be all powerful over nature and people. What a complicated, stress filled way to live! What a difficult situation… desiring to be all but not having the ability or knowledge. How opposite from a simple life knowing that God has uniquely made us, that God has it all under control, and that has chosen us to be His people in this world to do the best we can in his power to show His love to the world… simply to love people and love his creation until he comes again to restore everything to original perfectness!

Trying to be god is not simple or possible.
Where are you trying to be god? How can you stop?