Full Throttle Living

jet-ski[1]It’s spring, almost summer when water sports come front and center in Colorado! I remember a time when I wanted to rent a Jet Ski… more currently known as a Personal Water Craft. I was excited to try it. Speed, water, engine revving, the smell of exhaust, wind in the face, and a freedom to go pretty much anywhere without curbs or roads! What could be any better that that! I dreamed that from the very beginning it was going to be full throttle! I figured that I would only have one hour and I needed to use every minute to its very fullest! I dreamed of almost spilling, speeding around the waves, adrenalin pumping, trying to jump a wake or two… and then… before it seemed possible… the hour was going to be up. I would back off of the throttle… reluctantly putt-putting into the dock… it just wasn’t going to be fair… fun and exciting but not fair. I never took the opportunity… I was too concerned about safety, money, time…

I reflect back on that time and now believe that how we live life is a lot like renting a PWC. God has given us a finite time on this earth to live to the fullest. It’s sad to think that, at times, we sit on the sidelines or just putt-putt around… our own self talk… worried about stuff, thinking… over-thinking… about what can go wrong, letting the naysayers, the nervous nellies or the negative nags affective how we approach life. Not looking to God for all things.I want to go full throttle when He says go… even when it doesn’t make any sense and it all looks impossible. I want to live in full dependence on Him for everything! That’s the way I want to live every minute he gives me!

Living a full life means full dependence on God.
What has throttled you back in life?