The Ermine

ermine[1]At one point in my life I pretended to be a bow hunter. I really enjoyed it. Who wouldn’t enjoy dressing up in camouflage, hiding and stalking in the woods, enjoying nice weather outside, not a very big chance of getting anything, but being able to experience God’s creation in a very intimate way.

One particular day, I was hunkered down behind a nice bush right next to a log just observing nature around me and to my surprise a beautiful tan and white critter came up within a foot of my leg. It was looking at me very intently. It couldn’t figure out what I was and to be honest, I didn’t have a clue what it was… it kind of looked like a ferret but not really. (In my research later, I discovered that it was an ermine, also called a stoat or short tailed weasel.) In a weird way, I congratulated myself on being so stealthy that this wild creature would get so close! So without moving much, I was able to observe… study this beautiful little creature. It wasn’t afraid… just curious and soon went on about it’s business. What a special moment… I reflect on it at times… just how unique, memorable and wonderful times like this are. Slowing down enough and enjoying the moment and all it brings.

This last weekend, it all came back to me again. Sara and I were sitting quietly on a bench at a camping site and to our delight and surprise, a beautiful little creature poked his head up and looked at us… an ermine just like before. Beautiful, cute and curious. Sara and I got to share another unique moment in our lives as we observed this beautiful creature of God checking us out.

Slow down and blend in. You will be surprised at the wonders around you!
When have you been delighted by something unexpected?