Real Worship- God is So Good

kid worship[1]Children are amazing. Have you ever spent time with a 3 or 4 year old? I mean really spent time… You know, being with them when they stop to pick up a partially dried out leaf off the sidewalk. Slowly looking at every little piece of it, feeling the texture, hearing the crunch, smelling it and maybe even tasting it to really get to know it… and then giving it to you to do the same. And then only two steps later, watching a small bug make its erratic way across the hot, cracked sidewalk into the cool grass and moist dirt on the other side. Asking, pointing… see, see? Taking maybe even an hour to go just a block, but seeing, experiencing and enjoying every step and every wonder.

They are like that with God too. Scripture talks about having faith like a child. What does that mean? Is it getting to know God at such a deep level like the leaf? Touching, smelling, tasting, looking from every angle and turn. Taking in every aspect without being predisposed to a certain conclusion. Letting things play out as the journey progresses and delighting in every wonder. Oh to have the faith like a child. To look for God’s work for what it is… wondrous and sometimes unknowable. 

One evening, as we were putting on a puppet show at our church, I will never forget the complete joy and serenity on one young childs face as we sang God is So Good. It was a face marked with true, complete worship of our God. Absent were any concerns about how he looked, how he sang, where he was… just pure love, adoration and praise to God. Pure, simple and taking in every sweet, tender moment with his maker.

True worship… true faith is without baggage. Watch a child and learn what simple faith and simple living is.
What can you do today to live more simply?