Water Soothes

showerI get up every morning.  I read the paper, drink coffee, do my devotion, eat breakfast, brush my teeth and then take my shower…  I’m a shower person.  Some people are bath people.  Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely a place and time for a nice soaking but I’m still a shower person.

Showers are an interesting activity …  Sometimes I take a long, hot shower and other times I just want to get in and get out.  I once read that they did a study that counted the number of times a person scrubbed each part of their body when they took a shower and they found that each individual showered exactly the same way, every day, in every way.  The person started on the same side, washed with the same number of strokes and then moved on to the same place every time.  Interesting if you ask me.  I’d like to read the study but wasn’t intrigued enough to try and find it.

A few things have always fascinated me about water running in a shower.  That same water that is used for cleaning I’ve also used to clear my head, both physically and mentally.  You know the feeling… not wanting to go out and face the world but knowing there is no choice but to go.  The warm, sensuous flow of water over your head, enveloping you in steam and heat, noise on your brain drowning out thoughts, fears and frustrations…  How about that sinus headache that is pounding, making you feel sick every time you move your head and the healing, clearing flow of water and steam… opening the head and making it better.

 Living in Colorado and keeping our house cold at night makes it difficult in the morning… comfortable surrounding sleep feeling the soft weight of warm covers, slowly coming awake and feeling the cold on the nose and the cold hand outside of the covers.  Getting out of bed and feeling the chill… never quite getting rid of it until the warm flow of water from the shower… turning it a little hotter… even hotter… warmth returning and now ready to tackle the cold world… red body reminding you of how hot you let the water get.

Have you ever had a muscle or backache?   The massaging heat of a hot shower does wonders.  In the summer, getting hot and dirty working outside in the garden… taking a cold shower to be cleansed, refreshed and re-energized by the water.  Showers are very versatile… water is healing.

Living water… Jesus… and our baptism into Him, eternally soothes and heals. We are washed clean… given a new start to take on the dirt and grime, the cold, the hurts of this world in a new, simpler, more powerful way… in His strength and love.

Water soothes the body, mind and soul. Jesus gives new life and really cleans.
 What comfort and healing does your baptism bring you? How do you live in your baptism each day?