Freedom and the 4th of July

american-flag-4[1]We had the privilege of celebrating 4th of July this year with a team from Hong Kong and members of our church at a farewell BBQ followed by fireworks. What an interesting experience seeing our country and our freedoms through the eyes of someone else. To make it even more compelling this year, during that very week, 511 people were arrested in Hong Kong as they remembered their return to China and they demonstrated for freedom. In my discussions with the team leader, I began to realize that I have been taking our freedoms for granted. The freedoms we enjoy here… freedom to travel, freedom to speak our opinions, freedom to truly choose our political leaders and most of all our freedom to worship the one true God… not the one chosen by the government, are truly amazing.

After putting out our flag in the morning and before our celebration that evening, I got to thinking about how my dad used to love the 4th of July. Being a military man, he seemed to have a much better grasp on the freedoms we have… the freedoms that were paid for by the blood and work of many. We would always fly the flag, have a BBQ and get together as a family. We would always remember the veterans and those serving in the military. Flyovers by the military airplanes always thrilled. They were very fond memories for me… it makes me wonder what my dad would think now about this country, it’s leaders and the people’s commitment to it.

But, what about now… today… for me? Have I gotten so busy and became so complacent that I’ve forgotten all of that? We do live in freedom with many blessings to be thankful for… but the biggest freedom we have been given is the freedom in Christ. Regardless of what happens in this world, we are always free in Jesus. No earthly kingdom, government, or power can take that away!

True freedom lasts forever.
What freedoms do you enjoy? Have you thought about them lately?