Mind Over Matter


Have you ever found yourself physically prepared to do a task but no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t do it?  It’s amazing how the mind works. There are so many sayings about this…

  • If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.
  • Mind over matter
  • The flesh is willing but the spirit is weak

It brings to mind an experience at the top of a mountain in New Mexico…

My son and I, along with some friends, were climbing Jicarita peak in New Mexico.  It’s a long hike to get there and then when you get to the tundra and continental divide, it’s not clear which is the real peak.  Maybe you know how it is at a higher elevations… your mind is not too clear and depth perception is affected because of the exertion and altitude… well we went the wrong way and realized that we needed to turn back to get to the real peak.  My sons peer, a great athlete…football player…baseball player… decided that he had enough… he just quit… he decided not to go to the peak.  But my son… like his father who didn’t get the sports gene and thought reading was a great sport… was pretty much spent from the exertion but wouldn’t and didn’t give up.  We went to the peak and had the most phenomenal view and incredible sense of accomplishment. 

Sometimes the hardest and simplest thing to do is to put one step in front of another until you reach your goal.
 How have you gotten your mind as prepared as your body?