Run, Turtle, Run!

TurtleHave you ever seen a turtle with a metal loop attached to it’s shell? It’s a memory that I’ll never forget.

Now I have to be fair… my cousin, not to be named, the owner of the turtle, swears to this day that he never did it. Also… for those of you who think that the turtle could have been harmed… it wasn’t. It was well taken care of and lived a long life! But what I remember is a fairly large turtle being chained to a post by attaching a chain to the loop… sort of like a dog… so it wouldn’t run away. Hmm…

So for me, there are a few puzzling questions. How fast could a turtle run away? Where would it run to? How could it hide? Are they that strong that a substantial chain was needed? And… if you’ve read many of my posts, you probably guessed that it made me think about life, faith, and relationships!

So metaphorically… have I put a loop on some things so I don’t lose them? Have I tried to control situations and people… or even over done it? Kind of like chaining a turtle with a large chain… maybe even limiting my own freedoms… Well, the resounding answer is absolutely! I’ve worried about situations and people that I didn’t need to worry about… had unrealistic fears and expectations… imposed limits where no limits were needed. It’s curtailed my own freedom over the years. It’s added a complexity to life that didn’t need to be there.

We have been given so many freedoms in this physical life… freedom to choose a vocation, who we marry, where we live, what we do with our recreation, what we eat and wear, even if and where we worship. But, so often chains… real or imagined, self-imposed or not, keep us from full freedom and sometimes are used to curtail other people’s freedoms.

But the real freedom we have because of Jesus is freedom from guilt and condemnation. Because of Christ, we are no longer chained by God’s law and the consequences of our rebellion. The law has been fulfilled and we are forgiven. In our recent sermon series, we are talking about freedom and one of my favorite passages lately has been: Romans 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

So friend… you don’t have a loop on your back… you don’t have to drag around a huge chain… you have been set free!

What’s got you chained up?

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