Warm Collie Fur

Animals_Dogs_Collie_025349_[1]Growing up, we always had dogs as a part of the family. As a kid I remember the great times I had playing with Lady and with Sable. We always liked collies or collie mixes. They were such gentle smart dogs.

I especially remember times when I was having difficulties as a kid. The bullies in school had been picking on me because I was fat and couldn’t play sports, I could never seem to live up to my own expectations, and being an only child was sometimes lonely. But, I could always depend on Sable to cheer me up. She made me laugh when she would run around the yard using her long snout like a snowplow and throw the snow up in the air. In amazement, I would watch her herd a 3 year old cousin away from danger. The tug of war battles we had were epic and usually ended in laughter and a big lick on the face!

But the thing that I especially remember is the warm fur… all the senses still come back to me today. The sun warming the beautiful golden fur as I lay my head on her… the smell of the warm collie fur… the soft heartbeat… the unconditional love and acceptance. No cares, no worries… all the difficulties seemed to vanish in that warm collie fur. I miss those times…

Unconditional love and acceptance is such a gift. In God, we have that.
What reminds you of God’s unconditional love?