Prey and Predators

rabbit_fox[1]Have you ever felt like you were being preyed upon or… are you the predator at times? It is an interesting thing to ponder. In my life… if I’m honest… the majority of the time I’ve probably acted more like a predator because I like to be in control. Not in an aggressive, in your face, do-or-die way but coming at life from a position of strength vs. weakness or acquiescence. True confessions here… more often than not, I worry about looking weak. But… a sight I saw awhile back made me think about that…

You see, our neighborhood is a refuge for all types of wild animals. We have foxes, rabbits, birds of prey, raccoons and just about everything in between. The wild turkey walking across our front yard was really a surprise… but I’m digressing. Over the years, it’s been interesting to watch how the population varies year to year… in the years we see a lot of foxes, we see very few prey like rabbits. But as the food source dwindles the predators go away and the next year it seems like there are more rabbits. An interesting, real life food chain right in our neighborhood.

One day, as I was driving down the road in our neighborhood I saw the strangest sight… to this day I think about it and ponder what it says about life and living…

You see, a rabbit came loping out into the street from behind a house… just hopping along in a casual, devil-may-care attitude across the street right in front of me. But here’s the strange thing… about 20 feet behind the rabbit came a fox… just loping along in a casual, devil-may-care attitude across the street right in front of me… following right behind the rabbit… in no hurry.

What was that about? Had they signed a peace accord behind the house? Did they not care about what their friends would think? Were they completely satisfied with no worries about where their next meal would come from or not fearing for their life? There was no urgency about anything… they simply were going their way together… prey and predator… no longer prey and predator.

Simple, strong living isn’t about survival or worrying about where your next “meal” will come… it’s about trusting in God in all things and “being.”
What are you worried about that causes you to act like a predator or maybe even as a prey? How can you trust more in God and just “be” his child?