Getting Kicked Out of the Oasis

OasisI think about this experience often… it was written during a time I was experiencing some very deep personal growth…

The email came. It said that I had been spending too much time with my peers and not actually doing. I guess I’m getting kicked out of the Oasis. Maybe I was getting a little too comfortable.

You see, I have been wandering in a desert for the last 4-5 years. Just wandering and wondering… hot, thirsty, alone with very little sustenance. There have been a few small places of respite on the journey but few and far between. And then in September I found an incredible oasis. There was companionship from people on the same journey as me. I could drink of the cold refreshing water that quenches that deep thirst. The food was more than just pabulum… actual meat… hearty fare.

In the oasis, I have grown in my walk, gained strength and insight and feel much better prepared for my next journey. I don’t know if I’m totally ready yet but it probably is time to start out into the desert again. You really get to practice your faith in the desert… but it is so nice in the oasis. In the oasis, you spend time with people that challenge you to grow stronger, that support you when you don’t feel supportable, and you have time just to compare experiences in this unworldly journey that we have been given.

It seems like I’ve used my time in the Oasis well, but maybe I was too free with my time. Did I take advantage of my traveling companion’s time? It seemed like they enjoyed the time together and thought it was valuable, but the oasis keeper thinks we were taking advantage of his hospitality. Why didn’t his assistant keeper let us know? Did he even know? I don’t think he did. I sure have learned a lot through this. I will be more sensitive to other’s expectations, be more appreciative of my oasis time, and be aware of and make sure I practice appropriate self-discipline.

I think I’ll meet with the Oasis keeper. I wonder what he’ll say? Maybe he’ll let me stay a little longer.

He didn’t and it was time to go back out in the desert…

There are times to stay in the oasis but not forever.
Have you ever stayed too long in your “oasis?” What prompted you to go on?