elemental-truth[1]One particular time in my life, I was very depressed, feeling very low and valueless. My job was extremely difficult and I couldn’t figure out who I was, where I should be going or how to even act at times. In the midst of a tear filled time of wrestling in solitude, I wrote these truths that have stuck with me all of these years…

    1. I am forgiven… God loves me
    2. He has given me freedom to live my life with abandon
    3. My hope is forever
    4. The world is temporary
    5. Success is not important
    6. I have been successful
    7. God brought me here
    8. He says he won’t test me beyond his strength
    9. God is in control
    10. I have positively impacted people’s lives for Christ
    11. He has won the battle
    12. The Bible… God’s word is the source of all truth
    13. He has me here for a reason and it’s not about the world
    14. I am not a slave to the world
    15. Faith makes all things possible
    16. God’s discipline is out of love for me
    17. My righteousness is because of and through Christ

Therefore… In everything I do, I will try to do it as Christ would. I will keep my dignity, values and not compromise my ethics. In God’s strength, I will treat others… all… as children of God and love them as Christ would regardless of how they act.

In the midst of doing this, I realized that my reasons and motivations were not always for the right things. The truth is that the striving for money, fame, fortune, recognition, a title or any other worldly things will ultimately leave you depressed, feeling empty and valueless. Truth with a capital “T”… God’s love and mercy for us demonstrated through Christ… is the only important, timeless focus to have. Life is and will be challenging, frustrating and extremely hard at times but God’s Truths will never fail!

Assessing the truths in your life helps you see life in the proper perspective.
When was the last time you did an inventory of the truths in your life? What encouraged you?