The Big Huge Storm

camping in the rain460It was pretty unsettling… sitting in a tent with my grandkids as the storm raged outside. It sounded like sheets of rain hitting the tent, booms of thunder… while we huddled in the semi-darkness of the small tent. Prior to the storm the tent sure seemed larger… as we tried to occupy ourselves by playing cards and just talking we all were wondering how bad it really was outside. Were we going to float away… would we have to huddle in the car to be protected from the lightning… was is safe to even go outside… could we stay warm and dry in the midst of this torrential rain? Well… even though I didn’t relish the thought, I needed to go outside and assess how bad it really was and decide on the next steps. Slowly putting on my raingear… anticipating the worst… I unzipped the tent fly and emerged into the great outdoors.

To my surprise, it was only sprinkling! The ground was semi-dry in places… no streams of water threatening to wash everything away! Blue sky in places!

I realized that in the enclosed space of the tent with the sound of rain magnified by the fabric and limited sight… my fears and imagination had run away from me, expecting the worst. But to my delight… it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined.

It made me think about times in the storms and isolation of life when I thought the proverbial world was coming to an end. But… it never happened, it was never as bad as I had imagined and if I just gotten out of my “tent” and looked up, it was all ultimately okay.

So do not worry… but seek first his kingdom and righteousness… Matthew 7:31-33

When has your imagination gotten the best of you?