The SR71

SR71I loved putting models together when I was a kid. You know… the type that has 100’s of parts all attached to a plastic tree, with complex assembly instructions, cool decals that you put in water to get the glue activated, that come in a cardboard box with an incredible picture of what it will look like when you’re done. The glue sticking to your fingers, the plastic melting together, the smell of glue and model paint, finally putting it all together… standing back and admiring the handiwork and accomplishment. 

My favorites were airplanes. I think that came about because I lived on an Air Force base… planes were a part of my life.  Think about it, a kid growing up around jet engines, bombers, fighters, missiles… more power, more explosions, more noise, more cool things than you could ever dream of.  Getting to meet real astronauts at school, laying down in the tail gunner seat of a B52, seeing and feeling the B58 Hustler take off and land. The rumble of pure power that shakes you to the core and gives you the rush of adrenaline. If I couldn’t ride in them, I could build them in plastic. 

One day, I got the best model ever… one of a plane so secret very few people had ever seen it and, as the story goes, the government was upset at the model company because the model came out and it was so real. The plane was the SR71 Blackbird… the fastest, blackest, baddest spy plane ever built at the time… two huge jet engines designed to take it almost into space, fuel leaking while on the ground because the panels had to be able to expand at top speed and altitude… and still secret. 

After many hours of working on this prize, it was done…a sleek black plane that defied description.  Holding this incredible model, I wondered what it would feel like to fly above the atmosphere at supersonic speeds with no one being able to detect, catch, or shoot you? Clear black sky and stars above, blue, brown, green earth below with white clouds dotting the world… and only a few people had experienced the wonder of flying this plane. I can only depend on my imagination. Oh well, this is something I will probably never get to experience… I guess I’ll go out and play in the backyard. Sunshine warm on my face, a slight breeze, petting my dog, Lady.

What is that roar in the distance? I don’t see anything…

Wait, is that what I think it is? A black, sleek plane flying low right toward me… right over my back yard, so low I can almost see the pilot… IT IS!!! It’s an SR71… right above me… gone before I know it… sound of those huge jet engines lingering as it goes on to land and to be taxied away to a guarded hanger. I saw it! I felt it! In my own way, I came close to experiencing the rush that the pilots must experience…

Roaring in the distance may be an opportunity coming right at you. Watch for the unexpected, it may be the chance of a lifetime.
What are your dreams? What do you get excited about?