Water or Ice? The melting of Iceman…

Clear_ice_cubes_from_a_Clean_Ice_Machine.203180406_std[1]Some of you may already know this but one of my nicknames used to be “Iceman.” I know that some who know me now would have a hard time believing that I was the “Iceman.” But it was absolutely true. At the time, I kind of liked it… you know like the guy on Top Gun, the guy that could make it through everything without letting emotion get in the way. No real anger and no real happiness… level, hard, cold… like ice. I was the guy that could coldly do what he needed to do, be rigid when everyone else became soft, follow the rules, not worry about the people implications, not letting tears from others influence what needed to be done. I was the guy that people didn’t want to play poker with or challenge… difficult to be “read” and even harder to elicit an emotional response. Regrettably, many times I didn’t react with care when others had challenges in life. As you can probably imagine, I wasn’t real popular at times and if I’m truthful with myself, there were some who didn’t like me and didn’t want anything to do with me. In many ways, it was a cold, hard life being lived by a cold, hard person. But something miraculous and wonderful has occurred… God has melted the ice.

What God has taught me is that it is better to be water. Water flows around things that get in the way… slowly wears away big rocks… smoothes out sharp, harmful edges… makes it’s way to where it is going without much hassle. Just flowing and taking each moment in… enjoying the quiet riffles, being exhilarated by the rapids, rejoicing in the progress and journey… taking each thing as it comes… carrying others on the journey. Water is life giving. I laugh more… cry more… get upset more… care more… and in the midst of it all, get to fully enjoy this life that God has given me as his son!

You see, God has given me… given all of us living water, Jesus, and in turn we get to share that living water with those around us. No more ice… just life giving, refreshing, cool, thirst quenching water… flowing through life.

Water is best.
Are you more ice or water? Where are you being melted?
  • Liz

    This did not disappoint! I’m chewing on the idea that water can go places ice can’t… hmmm.

    • Gerry

      Let me know what insights you get into that!